Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Various Insurance Products

Landry Insurance Agency is your one-stop shop for policies you can afford. In addition to health, life, and Medicare supplement insurance, see the other plans available:

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Dental Product (Advantage II and Advantage Plus II)

NO Waiting Periods on ALL services = Next Day Coverage No Policy Fees Same Premium for All Ages (18+ issue age) $50 Calendar Deductible Any Date/Day Effective Dates

Advantage II

Less coverage than Advantage Plus II for Basic/Major services; and Orthodontics is not included More for those clients with healthy teeth, not needing any work done immediately, but looking to exercise Preventive Service coverage from Day 1 at 100%

$1000 Annual Benefit

Advantage Plus II

Day 1 Coverage 100% Preventive (including bitewing X-Ray) 35% Basic 15% Major/Orthodontics

$2000 Annual Benefit

2 Sets of Premiums for Advantage II and Advantage Plus II:

U&C PPO Premium (non-network plan)

Clients can use whatever dentist they choose, but also treat this as a PPO and see a dentist within network for immediate discounts on services.

Network MAC Premium (network plan)

Clients can only use dentists within the Ameritas network, but receive a significantly discounted monthly premium and immediate discounts on services.